More Tourists Rent Apartments in Phuket

Phuket is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. It is located in the southeast of Phuket Island. The city is very beautiful and historically famous. Phuket is a nice place to live in. There are all sorts of modern amenities available here, which are needed to lead a modern life. Hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, schools, colleges and easy transport system in Phuket have made this beautiful city a main location for living. Not only people of Thailand, but also other nationals, particularly, Indians and Chinese, who visit Phuket, mainly for Trade and Business and travelers around the world are willing to buy or hire apartments in this city. Moreover, Phuket Apartments are considered best and cheap in comparison with apartments in other places in Thailand.

phuket apartments
phuket apartments

Why Phuket Apartments Have a Huge Demand

Both, the quality of life and that of apartments are responsible for such a huge demand for apartments in Phuket. Here are some reasons for the same:

1. Quality of life in Phuket

All modern facilities which apartment owners look before buying an apartment are available in Phuket.  There is the famous Rajabhat University in Phuket, which is located in the heart of the city.  Another government-run university, Prince Songkhla Univeristy in Phuket, is also popular in Thailand. A number of colleges, including technical colleges are found here. There are also a number of hospitals and clinics located, including Phuket International Hospital. The transportation system is also excellent; anybody can move to any part of Thailand from this location. The city is also connected through airport and waterways to the other parts of the country and internationally.  There are a number of shopping malls and markets around the city. As a result, quality of life in Phuket is very high class, which naturally attracts all types of people.

2. Quality of Apartments

It is better to buy apartments in Phuket as these are cheaper than villas or bungalows. Apartments in Phuket are also designed with all modern amenities to make life easy. There are various types of apartments available for everyone; starting from economic condos to sea-view multi-facility flats, which are suitable for all types of people coming from different economic strata. Here are some features of most of the modern Phuket Apartments:

  • 24 hours Security and CCTV in all nooks and corners of the apartment.
  • Garden area and parks for spending time with family, neighbors or just alone.
  • Community hall for arranging programs.
  • Pool and playgrounds and a fitness centre.
  • Large car parking facility with CCTV cameras and security.
  • Lifts in all blocks.

There are many other facilities such as selected grocery stalls and medical facilities to help people within the complex in time of need.

Hence, these apartments are a perfect living place in Thailand.

Features of Real Estate Companies

The Phuket-based real estate companies get thousands of clients every day, as they are very popular both in Thailand and abroad.  There are many reasons why people come and stay in Phuket; the primary reasons being holidaying and trading in Thailand. There are also people who want to own a flat here. These real estate companies suggest apartments based on the budget of people, and this is the reason why they have become famous all around the world.