Desirable Features in a New Mitsubishi

Japan is a leading motor vehicle manufacturer and so far, has not disappointed car enthusiasts with its wide range of Mitsubishi makes. With most cars being assembled exhibiting advanced state of the art features, now than ever before, one can easily choose whatever they want in an automobile. Be it style, performance, stability or safety, each Mitsubishi model is built with nothing but the best in mind. A motorist could shop for the latest range of Brisbane Mitsubishi cars on offer.

brisbane mitsubishi

When spoilt for choice, a car enthusiast is better off examining car features before matching them with their desire. Here are major reasons an individual will choose a Brisbane Mitsubishi model over the other cars:

  • Active Stability and Control – There are sensors which monitor every tire grip. In case a certain wheel is slipping, there is a communication in the system that will allow the ABS to put pressure on the brakes so that the wheels stop with the highest traction.
  • More Seats and Airbags – Of course everyone has a preferred size of car, but the truth is most car owners wish for a bigger car capacity that can carry more friends as well as family members. With more seats come more airbags that mean more safety to all the riders in case the unplanned happens. This feature is more pronounced in the New Mitsubishi Mirage which has six standardized airbags. The seventh one is found under the driver’s dashboard. This is meant to stabilize the lower part of the body or knees in case of frontal collision. A driver will be kept safe at a time when safety is of utmost importance during a driving stint.
  • Comfort – Statistics shows that comfortable drivers are less likely to be involved in collisions as opposed to those that are driving under very uncomfortable situations. The New Mitsubishi ASX has been designed to offer comfort to the driver as well as passenger/s. With adjustable seats designed to keep the driver straight behind the wheels, nothing should ever go wrong with a ride. At the same time, one can choose between leather or velvet seats.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Times are tough on many and the less a vehicle consumes in terms of fuel, the better. The New Mitsubishi Outlander is very economical, yet can cruise to all destinations without trouble. Designed for most roads, this latest ride is a perfect choice for one who goes to work each morning over a long distance.
  • Convenience – The new range of Mitsubishi models come with folded seats that can create room for luggage. At the same time, there is automatic climate control, audio system that has AM/FM and CD player, 12 volt power outlet, halogen headlights and keyless entry that has panic alarm.
  • Warranty – Most Mitsubishi dealers offer a longer warranty because they have faith in its durability, reliability as well as quality.
  • Price – The Mitsubishi models are fairly priced to suit every car buyer’s pocket. One can decide to shop for the used or new cars, depending on what they want. Whatever the case, take a look at the new Brisbane Mitsubishi makes from the car dealer.