How to determine favorable rent for the cell tower

As a matter of fact, determining favorable rent for the cell tower is a difficult task. There are no established benchmarks for making fair valuation of the rental. Some people argue that Cell Tower Rent is determined by the law of demand and supply.  However, this might not be too true because a situation like non-availability of space for installing a cell tower may not arise in this competitive world. If not your building, the neighbor may be willing to lease the roof of his building.

Cell Tower Rent

Look for an experienced agency:

It is also generally believed that even attorneys may not be able to appreciate the ground realities involved in evaluating a fair Cell Tower Rent. It is also said that there are few instances of land owners messing up the entire issue of determining the lease amount because they fail to appreciate the intricacies of some of the clauses in the agreement. Therefore, in order to tackle this tricky issue, you should look for the services of experts in the field of determining cell tower rent and such other related fields.

In fact, there are cell tower lease consulting agencies that are specialized in providing this kind of service. Many of these agencies are in this business for several years, and they have thorough knowledge of every aspect of cell tower lease and various other related matters. A brief insight into the unique services and the valued opinions provided by these agencies is briefly explained here:

·        These agencies adopt a realistic approach in determining the mobile phone tower lease rates. For example, some of the service providers insist that the rent be determined on the basis of ‘market rent’. Although in the first instance, this appears to be an idealistic approach; in reality, it may put you to greater disadvantage. This is because, as the cell tower lease consulting agencies point out, the telecom companies value the lease as their assets. Therefore, the cell tower lease consulting agencies evaluate the mobile tower leases after carefully considering the pros and cons of such evaluation.

·        As a matter of comparison, some of the cell tower agencies may point out that similar rent is being paid to some other land owner within your vicinity. However, the cell tower lease consulting agencies ensure that you do not become a victim to such an argument. This is because the value of land may not be the same, and it has different equations to be followed.

·        The consulting agencies would ensure that the lease agreement includes a clause which provides for an increase in the mobile phone tower leases at periodical intervals. In the normal course, the cell tower lease consulting agencies suggest that annual or biannual increase at a certain fixed percentage could be an ideal deal.

·        These agencies will assist you in securing lease agreements with some of the reputed mobile phone service providers. The agencies will also provide you proper guidance so that you get a fair deal in the entire transaction.


These consulting agencies always ensure that the interests of their clients are protected at all costs. They provide necessary guidance and also undertake to negotiate on behalf of their clients and arrive at a fair deal that is to the advantage of their clients.