Things to Avoid When Shopping for Accommodation Booking Software

Sometimes, the best way to find the right product is by knowing what not to look for. Online booking software come with plenty of admirable features which will allow you to seamlessly manage your bookings and monitor the growth of your online travel business. But not all online reservation systems are built in the same way. Check this site: online booking software

While some have all the winning features, others have all the features that will make you lose out in the highly competitive travel market. When you are planning to deploy a booking software online system, there are features that you certainly do not need or should not entertain for the sake of your business. These include the following:

A terrible user interface

Absence of a booking review screen

Hidden prices

Lack of options for marketing your travel products

Personalized booking functionality

A terrible user interface

A good user interface is an integral part of the perfect online booking software. If the user interface sucks, then the software is unlikely to deliver on results. To optimize on your booking results, you ought to have a great user interface for your booking.

Many online travel consultants agree that the user interface is generally a key deciding factor on whether a user will book a travel product on a particular travel platform. A bad user interface means that you are losing out on valuable business opportunities to sell your accommodation products.

Before launching a booking system online, try test-driving it. If it is difficult and uninspiring for you, it will most likely be difficult for your potential customers and they will walk away and try booking elsewhere. Customers simply need a clean and functional UI where they can easily and seamlessly place their bookings. If your booking software accommodation tool is not offering you that, then it is certainly not worth your time and money. More information at Dan Hadley Adelaide

The booking review screen is missing

Every online payment system must have a review screen where customers can review the information that they have entered before they proceed to the payment screen. Can you imagine a scenario where you are taken directly to the online booking software payment page upon entering your travel requirements? What if you chose the wrong travel date, room type or number of rooms?

To review all the information that you have entered into the online booking software screen, you need a booking review screen. Ensure your booking software has that! If possible, try to look for a software tool that allows for editing on the review screen itself and which does not take you through the whole reservations process once more.

Hidden Prices

It is important to clearly present customers with the rates and charges that they are likely to pay for the booking. If your booking software online system gives customers price that is lower on the booking screen and significantly higher on the review or payment screen, then they are likely to see this as unethical or dishonest and look elsewhere for cheaper or clearer pricing plans.

Personalization features

Does the booking engine allow you to flaunt some of your travel products in the course of the booking? Does it allow you to upsell additional a la carte services? Booking systems that allow for personalization in this way always lead to significantly higher revenues for businesses.

Is it uniquely tailored to your needs?

You have probably seen those intelligent booking system online platforms that seem to know more about your travel plans than you probably do. If your online booking software is able to tailor the right product and price to the right traveller, then you can look forward to more revenues and profits.

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