Volunteering as Related to Diabetes and Nutrition

In recent times, several countries in the world have been ravaged by incessant wars and diseases. These wars have left devastation and hunger among the population. Governments whose mandate is the maintenance of order and provision of social amenities have been overwhelmed by these unwarranted occurrences. Some countries are affected by famine and disease epidemics. This situation calls for other nations with financial and sufficient food supply to come to their aid. But what is the remedy for non-communicable diseases like diabetes? This condition affects persons in stable countries with adequate food supplies. The only problem is financial ability to sustain the essential nutrition and daily medication requirements. Diabetes and nutrition volunteering is a noble call to people around the world to assist these people to meet their daily supplies.

How you can volunteer

Financial donation

 Diabetes and nutrition volunteering programs have been set up across the world. A look at a counter in many organizations and businesses will reveal a container designed for donations. Drop your monetary donation in these containers. Make it a habit of giving every time you feel you have extra cash. This money will go a long way in alleviating the problems of diabetes patients.

Donating through a will

Some individuals have significant financial strength. Some have no living dependents to inherit their properties. Such people could bestow their assets to diabetes programs. These assets assist in future generations and aid in drugs research.

Diabetes walk

Awareness of diabetes and its effects on the society are carried out annually on the 14th day of November. This day brings together volunteer overseas in diabetes and nutrition programs. The aim of the global observation of this day is to involve governments, stakeholders and policy makers in discussing what has been done so far, what have been the results and what needs to be done in future. People affected by diabetes are invited to hold talks on how they have survived with the condition. It’s a platform for airing what they feel has not been done. This day presents a challenge to stakeholders as they come face to face with the reality of the condition of their citizens.

Organizing medical camps

Medical experts in diabetes are invited to lecture the society about diabetes. It’s important to involve the whole community in understanding the causes and prevention of the disease. Advice is given on eating a balanced diet, regular exercise and blood sugar testing issues to be followed to avoid being affected. Those individuals living with diabetes are assured and advised on proper nutrition to keep the condition under check. These experts are involved in diabetes and nutrition volunteer programs as part of their social responsibility.

Visiting diabetes patients

In addition to financial help, it’s important to visit patients suffering from diabetes. This condition has several devastating health effects on affected persons. These effects include loss of eyesight, numbness of limbs, cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems. Visiting and talking to individuals and families with this issue gives them psychological support to bear with the condition. Several people can come together forming groups for diabetes and nutrition volunteering for visiting such affected individuals. For more information on volunteering, visit https//:www.diabetes.org.uk/get-involved/world- diabetes- day/